What I’m writing

What I’m writing


Adventures From The Family Porch: The Interplanetary Road Trip

What’s the difference between a family vacation and a funeral? At least a funeral is over in a few hours.

Piper’s summer vacation plans are unexpectedly upset when her dad decides to buy a spaceship RV and take the Porch family on a road trip around the solar system. Even worse, her parents are determined to make it educational for her and her younger brother, Mackie. On top of that, Piper will miss her best friend Marita’s birthday party. It’s a trip that’ll take months and ruin the rest of her well-laid plans for summer unless she can somehow find a way to get home sooner.

Join Piper and the rest of the Porch family—Mom, Dad, Aunt Fairy and the robo-dog Juno—as they discover the solar system: from the astoundingly boring meteorite museums of Mercury to the terrifying dangers of a high-speed spaceship race that goes dangerously off course.


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