#PitchWars 2017 Day 14: What’s the best revision tool?

#PitchWars 2017 Day 14: What’s the best revision tool?

There are so many ways to evaluate a manuscript, it’s hard to pick just one. Once the first draft is 100% complete, I usually go back and do the following:

  • Run the document through a grammar and spell checker like Grammarly or AutoCrit. Unfortunately, Scrivener is not really reliable for this kind of thing.
  • Check word frequency. Another thing tools like those above can do. In particular, I look for overused words, especially pronouns and personal names at the beginning of sentences. I don’t use Grammarly for much beyond these two things, I have issues with its understanding of passive voice, etc.
  • Double-check order of events and make sure everything matches the timeline
  • Re-read document in different formats, Word, PDF, printed, etc. For some reason, looking at the same text in different ways makes it easier to notice things I wouldn’t otherwise catch.

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