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Who am I?

I wrote my first poem in elementary school and ended up with a degree in Creative Writing with Literary & Discursive Practices from Carnegie Mellon. From there, I took a long detour through high-tech, spending the next 20+ years as a telecommunications engineer as well as becoming a travel adventurer, a space nerd, mother, and more. Then one day I sat down and started to write. And haven’t stopped since.

I live in Silicon Valley, where truth is often stranger than any fiction I could dream up, and work as a senior director at Ruckus, an enterprise networking company.

What do I write?

I mostly write science fiction, either for adults, young adults, or middle grade. Much of this is informed by my love for space, science, and exploration.

My lovely manuscript

A copy of the query letter for my manuscript, Adventures From The Family Porch: The Interplanetary Road Trip! can be found here.

This novel was originally written as a 1,000-word flash fiction. I wrote it because I needed a break from another novel and this was easy and fun. Too fun. Six more stories later, my eight-year-old son was reading them with me and asking for more every night.

So, I decided to write a book as a way of getting away from the short stories that were the way I got away from the novel before that.

What do I seek in a mentor?

I’m not afraid to work hard and make my writing the best it can be. Experience in my chosen field is also critical. I’ve read widely in the SF field, but that doesn’t mean I know everything. A fresh and new perspective is always helpful.

I’m looking for someone who can challenge me. In return, I will work with you to achieve whatever you seek as a mentor because there is no such thing as a one-way street. Together we can set the bar high and come out the other side stronger and better.

Memberships and affiliations

I am active as a writer and critiquer with several online forums, including Scribophile and Inked Voices. I am also a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).

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